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Air freight

SCH Integrated Logistics ltd an agent of NVOCC PIX Line (USA), a company Phoenix International Freight Services ltd. on Ukrainian area. Export / import / transit of goods in the worldwide "from door to door". General, dangerous, oversized and heavy cargo by passenger and cargo aircrafts. ADR declaration and a certified package with labels are provided by us.

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Tuesday, 18 Jun 2024

Other services

  • Customs Brokerage Capabilities in Ukraine (Customs Brokerage service in UA);
  • Fair and Expo-Services (Exclusive Forwarder for Odessa & Kiev);
  • Chartering of sea, river, sea/river going vessels on all directions all over the world;
  • Guard of the cargo from the exterior effects at the ports and airports on the route of transportation to CIS;
  • Lashing and Securing of the cargo on any kind of transport;
  • Removals of personal effects;
  • Handling and customs clearance of diplomatic cargo;
  • Packing and unpacking services;
  • Transport insurance;
  • Through elaboration of transportation possibilities of super oversized and super heavy lift units with legalization of necessary permits and accompanying documents in corresponding state authorities.
  • Choosing of suitable kind of transport for optimal and safety transport of super oversized and super heavy units.
  • Transshipment of cargoes

    In land transportation from door - to door in bulk, especially at large distances, to reduce transport costs, it is advisable to use the railways, with the subsequent reloading of the cars in the sea container at the port or port to the stations in the export of goods, and vice versa - from the sea containers in cars while in transit to CIS countries through the territory of Ukraine.

    Working with the Odessa and Illichivsk ports and other loading terminals, and taking advantage of special fares, we offer a full

    range of services for your goods, namely:

  • The organization of receive the wagons at transshipment terminal;
    • Overloading of any goods into and out of shipping containers;
    • Overloading of dangerous goods, the
    • organization of permissions and all the formalities related to this;
    • Tally and survey services provided by both independent survey organizations, and by transshipment complexes;
    • Marking, as well as the repacking of goods;
    • Fumigation of cargo;
    • Organization of the storage of goods under customs supervision on the
    • customs-licensed warehouse.

    To calculate the cost of transportation, taking into account the trans-shipment, please fill out the request form.


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