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SCH Integrated Logistics ltd an agent of NVOCC PIX Line (USA), a company Phoenix International Freight Services ltd. on Ukrainian area. Export / import / transit of goods in the worldwide "from door to door". General, dangerous, oversized and heavy cargo by passenger and cargo aircrafts. ADR declaration and a certified package with labels are provided by us.

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Thursday, 25 Apr 2024


Our company has agreements with leading insurance companies in the insurance of railway transportation of goods and by sea. According to this contract, you can insure your shipment from the time the goods were loaded on a ship in the port of departure and before the date of receipt of the goods in your city.

Insured risks:

  • a fire or explosion;
  • landing ashore, emission on cost, flooding or overturning of vessel, lighter or barge;
  • unloading of cargo at the port of distress;
  • donation in a total disaster;
  • drop or wash off a wave of cargo from the vessel;
  • penetration of the sea, lake or river water in the hold of the vessel (lighter, barge), in another vehicle, container, liftvan or place of storage of goods;
  • a total loss of cargo, falling overboard or lost during loading and unloading operations carried out on the ship, lighter or barge;
  • mechanical damage during handling;
  • collision or contact of vessel (lighter, barge), or other vehicle carrying goods,

    with any external object, except in contact with water;

  • natural disasters (earthquake, landslide, mudflow, storm, whirlwind,
  • hurricane, storm, tornado, volcanic eruption, flood, floods, rainstorms, hail, the unusual for the locality frost, abundant snow, coming out of subsoil water, subsidence and drawdown soil);
  • lightning;
  • overturning or derailment of ground vehicle carrying the goods; the destruction of bridges;
  • emergency landing of aircraft carrying the cargo; collision of aircrafts;
  • falling aircrafts or their fragments and other subjects;
  • the sudden destruction of storage facilities in the interim storage of goods;
  • average water supply, heating, fire and sewer systems, infiltration of water from an adjacent rooms in the place of storage of goods;
  • unexpected power cuts, water, heat in the warehouse in the interim storage of goods;

illegal actions of third parties:

a) the theft of cargo by burglary, robbery or armed assault;

b) deliberate destruction of property;
c) stealingof the vehicle carrying the goods, plunder of individual parts, components and supplies the vehicle carrying the goods;

  • loss of the vehicle carrying the insured goods;
  • violation of a temperature mode of transportation and storage of goods associated with:

a) an interruption in the work of the refrigeration unit as a result of its shutdown for a period of not less than 24 consecutive hours;
b) fire or explosion;
c) overturning, collision between a vehicle with any object;
d) unloading and reloading of the cargo from the vehicle which had accident or damaged vehicle.
You can choose insurance for the entire period of transportation, either for a specified period of transportation:

  • delivery by sea, including the unloading from the vessel and the location of the goods in a customs warehouse;
  • delivery of goods by railway to your terminal or customs warehouse.

To calculate the cost of insurance, please fill out the request form.


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