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SCH Integrated Logistics ltd an agent of NVOCC PIX Line (USA), a company Phoenix International Freight Services ltd. on Ukrainian area. Export / import / transit of goods in the worldwide "from door to door". General, dangerous, oversized and heavy cargo by passenger and cargo aircrafts. ADR declaration and a certified package with labels are provided by us.

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Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024

Incoterms 2010 - group D

 DAP Delivered at Place (named place)

Under DAP, delivery is when the seller puts the goods at the disposal of the buyer at a named place, on a vehicle ready for unloading (that is, not unloaded).

DAT Delivered at Terminal (named place)

delivery under DAT takes place when the seller puts the goods at the disposal of the buyer unloaded at the named terminal.

DDP Delivered, Duty paid (named destination place)

This term means that the seller pays for all transportation costs and bears all risk until the goods have been delivered and pays the duty. Also used interchangeably with the term "Free Domicile". The most comprehensive term for the buyer. In most of the importing countries, taxes such as (but not limited to) VAT and excises should not be considered prepaid being handled as a "refundable" tax. Therefore VAT and excises usually are not representing a direct cost for the importer since they will be recovered against the sales on the local (domestic) market.


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